Mandala vinyasa yoga workshop

Backbend, Heart & Shoulder opening / Activate Anahata Chakra & Visuddha Chakra

Mandala Vinyasa is demanding and challenging dynamic flow that incorporates fun inversions. You can expect to strengthen muscles you have never knew existed and leave feeling like you’ve really worked your body. As well as helping to release toxins this style of yoga can help to increase flexibility and improve the circulation of blood, water and energy.

The Air element practice includes intelligently sequenced Asana (physical yoga pose sequence) that will focus on the heart (Anahatha) and throat (Visuddha) chakra to release blockages in these energy channels. You will learn poses that can help to balance these Chakras.

Air element Mandala vinyasa is especially beneficial if you’re working on deepening your backbend practice as it focuses on opening up the front of the body. Emotionally and mentally, if you are feeling disconnected, fragile, hurt, shut down or unable to communicate clearly about your feeling and thoughts, this workshop may help you release such blockages and invite the kindness, compassion and forgiveness to reconnect to yourself and universe to feel oneness, reunion and welcome.

This three hours yoga workshop will cover Asana (including Yin and vinyasa) Pranayama (breath technique), Yoga Philosophy, Theory and it is great opportunity to learn Sanskrit (primary liturgical language).

About Anahata and Visuddha Chakra

Anahatha chakra is located on the centre of the chest related to the relationship – Ability to Love, inner peace, forgiveness, compassion, ability to self-control, acceptance of oneself. When it is imbalance, it can cause Heart and Breathing disorder, chest pain, high blood pressure, passivity, immune system problems, muscular tension and sadly heart and breast cancer.

Visuddha chakra is based on the throat region related to the relationship – ability to communicate, learning to express oneself and one’s beliefs (truthful expression), ability to trust, loyalty, organization and planning. When it is imbalance, it can cause thyroid imbalance, swollen glands, fevers and flu, infections, problem on mouth, jaw, tongue, neck and shoulders. Hyperactivity, Hormonal disorder such as PMS, mood swing, bloating and menopause.


Style: Mandala Yoga Ashram
Ability level: All abilities
Cost: 30.00 GBP (Pound Sterling)


2:30 p.m. Sunday 06 Aug 2017 - 5:30 p.m. Sunday 06 Aug 2017


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Saori Rising Yoga

Saori was introduced to Yoga when she first moved to London 11 years ago and has become a keen practitioner ever since. She has undertaken the Yoga teacher training course with Yoga London and registered as Yoga teacher under the Yoga Alliance.

She has developed a deep understanding of Yoga history and philosophy that relates to both body and mind. She was also drawn into Yoga anatomy when she was recovering from a minor sport injury she picked up.

She aims to teach, through Yoga, an appreciation of our present state of being, a mindfulness and calm to help counteract the stresses of daily life.
Saori’s approach is rooted in the style of Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga combining physical pose (asana), breathing (pranayama) and relaxation through savasana at the end of the class. She uses a non competitive approach for every participant to allow them to challenge their own physical and emotional sides.

Saori shares her knowledge with all students to remove any attachments (thoughts and fears that may bring negative energy) and instead brings kindness and love into their lives by understanding the true self by accepting purity into the body and mind.

Love and Peace,

Qualifications: Yoga Alliance (RYT - 200)
Phone: 07908202356
Private teaching available

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