Proprioception (getting to know your body)

Proprioception is the sense of location, movement and orientation of the parts of the body.
From my perspective the easiest way to describe proprioception is: If I woke up in the morning swaddled in nice warm bed linen. I would not know what shape my body was in until I moved. It is knowing where my limbs and body, the shape of them, and when relevant, the way in which they are moving. Ice skaters, ballet dancers, jugglers need good proprioception.

Style: Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Ability level: All abilities
Cost: 25.00 GBP (Pound Sterling)


noon Saturday 18 May 2024 - 2 p.m. Saturday 18 May 2024


Forest Gate Community Yoga within Forest Gate Community School, Forest Lane, London, County (optional), E7 9BB, United Kingdom

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Forest Gate Community Yoga

This intuitive yoga instructor brings twelve years of yoga asana practice developed around a lifetime of mindfulness. Dependable and personable, able to manage large classes whilst ensuring gentle individualised attention.
The teaching is calm, clear and composed giving equal emphasis on balance, strength and flexibility. Modifications are offered to all students, the use of blocks and straps is encouraged. Attendees whether beginner, intermediate or advanced are challenged to the next level finishing the class with a sense of achievement. Adjustments given where ever needed (with students permission). Dependent upon the group, contact yoga is often incorporated.
Am the remaining founder of Forest Gate Community Yoga, based in Forest Gate Community School.

Qualifications: Other recognized yoga teaching qualification
Phone: 07427673210
Private teaching available

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